• a nice man in a Mini Countryman who opened his door a crack and looked left for bikes before getting out.  Thank you, nice man!  You may drive a Mini the size of a Ford Escape, but your politeness more than makes up for this.  (The Countryman is actually supposed to be a fun car; Mini’s new rally car is based on the Countryman.  That doesn’t change the fact, however, that it’s a Mini the size of a Ford Escape.)
  • a sparrow get run over.  Poor sparrow 😦
  • goslings in that funny stage where they’re still pretty fuzzy but their feathers are starting to come in.  Everyone likes goslings.
  • whitecaps on the Charles River.
  • a Garelick Farms delivery truck, parked so that it was blocking the bike lane but also about 3/4 of the lane of traffic next to it.  Come on, man.